Is Personal training suitable for me?

By February 1, 2017Fitness News
Does any of the following sound familiar?
Look in the mirror, and not like what you see looking back?
Really not a size 12 anymore?
Lack confidence?
Feel tired and slow?
Lack energy?

Personal Training is all about results, those results are individual to you and ultimately that is what is important. We include EVERYTHING you need for susses Exercise, Nutrition, Motivation and encouragement.

We offer a range of exercises techniques, we use kettle bells, Suspension trainers, core work, can even teach you to run. We keep sessions varied and balancing and inspire you to become the fittest and healthiest version of you.

If gyms don’t work and diets don’t last Arbrook PT can help – Most of our clients don’t like and don’t belong to gyms. They find them too public, too intimating and a waste of money as they stop going after about 4 weeks but have signed up for 12 months.

The first step to personal training is to book a free initial consultation which is a chat with a trainer about your aspirations, goals and the logistics of when and where you like to train.

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